AirBnb Cleaning

We make sure your vacation rental is spotless clean!
Give your guests the best feel-good experience, get 5 stars for cleanliness and become a super host!

How It Works

We all know how important first impressions are. And that applies not only to people we meet for the first time, but also to apartments and houses that we enter. Within a few seconds we decide whether we feel comfortable there or not. If you want to keep your booking calendar busy and be a superhost for your guests, cleaning your property can quickly turn into a full-time job.
Do you want your guests to feel like home straight away? Then let us help you and book our cleaning service in 3 minutes online! We make sure your guests will enter a fresh smelling and spotless, clean home like a 5-star hotel!
Try our extra “Decoration Service” to get the best out of your vacation rental.


All Areas Of The Property




Living Rooms

Utility rooms

If you require an outside cleaning, please contact us by phone (239) 216 2516 or click on “Extra: Balcony/ Outside Area” during online booking

What We Don’t Do

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